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A Smart Solution for Public Safety

By Md. Saddam Hossien in Mobile Application

July 10, 2015

Saddam Hossain Shahin, a young computer programmer has developed a software programme which can be a milestone in ensuring public safety. In case of emergency, his software called “Self Protect”, if installed in a smart phone, can inform law enforcing agencies automatically by providing their exact location through Google Maps. Saddam, a third year student of Computer Science and Engineering at First Capital University in Chuadanga, has always been a passionate computer programmer. His passion for programming reached a new height after encountering a life-threatening incident. In 2014, when he was going home to Meherpur from Chuadanga railway station, he was attacked by several muggers. After a brief resistance, he had to surrender all his belongings being severely wounded by the armed goons. Many of us have faced such a mishap but for Saddam it was the decisive moment that has changed the course of his career.