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Self Protect App

Project "self protect app" is a mobile app to help our police forces to save our citizens from danger, to reduce crime from society or to get many other emergency help.

Description of our problems

There are several kinds of crime that held in Bangladesh such as drug dealing, Professional killing, human trafficking etc. For this crime public safety is disturbed. From the report of International homicide division (per 100000 people) the homicide rate is 2.80 in 2014. In the last 15 years it was highest 2.90 in 2006. From the latest report of Bangladesh police, about 179880 crimes were occurred in Bangladesh in last 15 years. These are stealing, robbereing , killing, kidnapping and so on....There is no easier solution to inform our police force during or after crime. People are being helpless during the crime as there is no simple way to inform someone. A fast informing system can be very helpful in this purpose. Such as

To be safe from robbery or kidnapping To save our school-college going girl from eve teasing or from kidnapping. Catching criminals by police To held the people who are in danger as soon as possible. To help the police to find out the place where crime is occurred. To get the police help during unwanted accidents. To help police to stop terrorism. To get the emergency help during accident such as ambulance, fire service or to find out nearest hospital, ATM booth, hotels etc. To find out our lost mobile phone.

Description of our additional problem

There are many times we can fall in danger even at home, on road or at office hour. But during our danger time , we don't get any chances or time to inform our local security office by making a phone call or by messaging. Because the criminal don't give us any chances to make a phone call or type a message. For this reason we can't get any emergency help. Also we need time to get the phone number of our local police station. There is no easier way to inform the local security station systemically to know the person who use a lost phone or to find the area where the phone is lost. We also face many problem to make a simple diary in our local police station. Also we have no simpler way to keep touch with many social welfare foundation that works against terrorism. Often there held many criminal activities for different reason such as drug dealing, money laundering, underground killing, political violence etc. For this public safety is disturbed and our life become more difficult.

In this case the app " SELF PROTECT APP" can help us in a long way.It can help us to save ourselves by informing the local security office faster. If you have the self protect app installed in your smart phone, you can save yourself from any types of crimes that occur towards you by just pushing the power button thrice or fourth. Imagine that a group of terrorist is coming to attack you, you are in great danger but there is no little chance to get any help from anyone and you feel helpless. In this case this app will help you in a easier way.

Our Solutions

If you have this app installed in your phone, just push the power button of your phone three times. Then this app will send necessary information with your latest position to local security office, friends and family in a systematic way. Thus they can help you.
If you lost your phone or change your number, your new position, serial number of your new Sim card, IMEI number of your phone will reach to your fnf numbers that was saved in this app. If you provide this information to your local security office they can easily help you to get the phone back to you.
One can get any emergency contact number such as nearest police station, fire service, ambulance, blood bank etc through this app.
The position of nearest bus stand, ATM booth, bank, shopping mall etc can be seen in users app screen and users can get his necessary service.
Moreover, user can give any information to his nearest police station, human rights organization or make any complain to Anticorruption commission through this app.