Self Protect by Saddam

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The app Self Protect is designed to support user to connect with friends and family as well as law enforcement agencies to tackle emergency situation. Md Saddam Hossien , a senior of Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) Department of Daffodil International University, has developed the mobile software which enabled with Global Positioning System (GPS). Hossien shared about the words behind the development of the software while made a chat with the correspondent recently. Hossien said that the idea of developing such a emergency supportive software while he lost his mobile phone and cash becoming a victim of road-side hijacking. "I started the development part of the apps in 2014 after getting training and mentorship from ICT division. I shared my idea with the mentors and they supported me on development of the application," Hossien said. Developer boy informed that though the application is related to the law and order its have to need permission from the Home Ministry to upload with app store. Now the application is waiting for getting nod from the authority concerned. There are two parts in the smart phone apps. One is user part and another is reciever part. The users have to choose the persons and organization identity to send notifications from the setting option. In case of emergency, the users can request support by pressing the Power button for 4-5 times and the connected individuals and law enforcement agencies will get notification instantly from the victim. As the application is GPS enabled, it will suggests user to connect nearest police stations searching from Google Maps. There is a specialty of the app is - if the attackers change the SIM cards, it will send notifications to the connected friends and family members from the installed mobile connection. Besides, the app hosts emergency contact numbers of Fire Service, Hospitals as well as other service organizations. Hossien developed the apps initially on Android platform and working on iOS and Windows platform. Cyber Crime Information Centre of Central Investigation Department of Police gave positive recommendation after examine the software. The app will be uploaded with app store as getting nod from the government.